Google a Monopoly?

Google MonopolyNews says Google is going up against regulators and lawmakers as several states start antitrust investications into Google’s advertising buisness.

Well I have always thought it was always just a matter of time. It’s the curse of success. 

I love me some Google, I use gmail lattitude, analytics, google music, youtube, voice,earth… android and the list goes on and on and on. you could say I am a Google fanboy. I just hope that government doesent screew up my Google

My inbox is boring me to death

There’s just so much crap. and the worst part is most of it I signed up for.  Yea, I know right?

If you read this please save me. Send me an email and tell me about your day. If I get one more email about how to market music online from someone who doesn’t have a clue. I swear I might unsubscribe 😛

Abbey Road revisited

photo shootThis morning on my way in to work. Listening to Abbey Road…Again

This was 1969 I was 7 years old.  Some would say these guys were so far ahead of their time. I wouldn’t put it that way. I would say that they were defining the shape of music for decades to come.

Go back, listen to Abbey Road again. from front to back, from” Come together” to “Her majesty”  Rediscover melodic rock in it’s purest form.

And in the end the love you take, is equal to the love, you make


Been in a funk again lately, Like the tide it creeps in when you aren’t watching and you get your socks wet (For those of you who don’t know me that’s a bad thing)

I take my meds, every day.  But I just can’t focus. Work is a constant battle to stay on task. When I’m at home, I pick up my guitar and nothing comes.  As if my muse has sent me into exile.

Looking forward to the tide going out.

Rotten Tomatoes

Every now and then I decide I need to look at I-Tunes and My___Space again, because I am told there are a lot of people who use those tools and that I should be participating in those platforms.

Every now and then I am reminded why I don’t play there. Those sites are total crap.

Luckily CDBaby takes care of my I-Tunes stuff so I don’t have to go there to be there. (Did that make sense?)

and My space is just irrelevant, So I don’t feel too bad about letting that content languish.


BBC World News



There is something about listening to world news with a British accent at 1:00 in the morning after a long night of playing music.

I don’t quite know what it is, there is something reassuring in the thought that public radio is always there, let’s hope it survives.


2010 Recap

Thought I would cross post this from my West of Ustick Site
I follow Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity, She is a respected music publicist from NY.  In her regular subscription mailing. she reminds us to take stock in the years achievements and take an opportunity to reset. (Not unlike I wrote in my last CD’s title song 9 lives) she outlines this process in 4 steps.
So here we are December, “time to reset and try again“.
STEP 1: 10 Things I’m happy/ proud of that I achieved within the last 12 months that are music related are:
  1. 9 Lives at the RX: Having our CD for sale at the record store is a land mark I have been looking at for a while. Seeing 9 Lives on the shelf was pretty cool (see step 2)
  2. Summer shows: We had some great shows.  and had a lot of fun some of the best were busking at market or at the record exchange. working with local promoters Go Listen Boise and with the city art and history dept. was great I feel like we made inroads into some great relationships.
  3. Wood River Cellars: consistent paying gigs. emphasis on paying. Great folks to work with too.
  4. Demo CD: Learned how good just sitting in front of the microphones and performing can sound.
  5. New songs: “Rust” , “Feeling like a fool” & “We can be friends” are a few that absolutely rise to the top.
  6. Alive after 5: Easily the high point of 2010. maybe not our best show of the year but validated our hard work.
  7. Re-branding the band: I knew for a long time I needed to do this. I am proud of the work we have done in re inventing our brand.
  8. Uncle Boise: It’s great when someone finds you that you never expected. Uncle Boise was great to work with and we continue to get a lot of millage from the videos and the interview.
  9. Idaho Matters: Our charity case for 2010. a great cause and Tony was wonderful to work with.
  10. Sound system: I think we are finally right where I want to be as far as sound system goes. The setup we have right now sounds better than ever. Just need to make tweaks to make it more portable.
  11. Reverb nation: OK maybe a little vain on this one but to be listed #2 on the local Reverb Nation folk charts.  Above great folk artists like  Rebecca Scott,  Dan Costello and Johnathan Warren. If only for a month was a bit of an ego trip 🙂
STEP 2: The things that threw me for a loop (yes it happens to us all), slowed me down or stopped me were:
(Write what you want to clear it away out of your head bonus: Write what you learned from these things). This is also the part where you can also write what you are making yourself wrong for.

  1. CD Sales: I expected more from having our CD at the record exchange. it’s embarrassing really . zero sales in nearly a year.
  2. Motivation fatigue: I started 2010 with momentum and purpose. it’s been a challenge to stay focused.
STEP 3: Now write down 10 things (or more) that you are grateful for (it can be as small as coffee in the mornings or as big as your child, spouse or mom) I believe that when we come from a place of gratitude our creativity flows in a much more productive way.
  1. My wife: She has to be right on top of my list. without her love and understanding I might not be able to pursue my musical dreams.
  2. Fans, Friends and family: for supporting West of Ustick at our shows.
  3. The internet and the electronic age:  for the freedom to promote the band, and distribute our music.
  4. Boise’s Music community
  5. The musical influence I got from my dad
  6. TIMMAY!
  7. My muse: I don’t know where you come from or why, but please visit more often.
  8. Laravee’ Guitars
  9. My day job that let’s me afford this addiction
  10. Starbucks
STEP 4: Print Out, decorate and post PARTS 1 & 3 where you can see them.
Maybe on the wall proudly displayed in your home office or studio. If you are not into posting stuff or this makes you feel too woo–woo place them in the back of a diary or in an envelope and mail them to yourself, open the envelope when you begin to forget these achievements & grats.
  1. I guess with this blog post this step is done.
  2. There was one other part and that was to send it to Santa C.O. North pole. but I’m sure he subscribes to this blog.

Show me the money

You stream a song on  or download an mp3 from I-Tunes. do you ever wonder what the artist gets paid??? If you want to support an artist,  Buy their CD

  • CD Sales
    • CD Baby 60% ($10 cd = $6)
    • Artist website or at a show directly 100%
  • Downloads
    • I-Tunes  $0.63700000
    • Verizon $0.77350000
    • Amazon  $0.36400000
  • Streams
    • Napster $0.01410000
    • Spotify $0.00060000
    • Lala    $0.00030000
  • Radio (ascap bmi)… If your not Taylor Swift or Usher $0.000000