What now?

Yesterday before I went to the polls I made one last run over my local voting guide making sure that I had an opinion on each minor office candidate. Then I watched online video from both presidential candidates to make a final evaluation of my political leanings. What happened next was a suprise to me. I was inspired.  The video that inspired me was a July 2nd call to service speach from Obama at the Airforce Academy. As I reflected on my thoughts about the race leading up to election day I realized it allot of it was based more on my negetive feelings towards the Bush administration. But this call to service was truely inspiring.  And I have a Republican office rival to thank.  Our local right wing pundent sent me a link of Obama being taken out of context. so I found the entire video and forwarded it back to him. This video is what inspired me.  So now what? Today I have a strong need to give back. to contribute to the good of all americans. My newyears resolution is to Follow our new president’s lead and find a way that I can serve and I really feel this is one that I will keep.

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  1. Beautiful job on the strumstick. Are you still building them?

    Not as inspired by your What Now? political blog, but I certainly respect your opinion. Frankly, I wish that Huckabee had won.

    Anyway, I’m curious. Are you still as inspired by the President as you were when you wrote your blog article?

  2. Thanks for bringing me back to this post with your comment.
    Since this speach I have joined my local neighborhood association, and built a website for a community leader that I beleve in who is running for ACHD I am still inspired by this speach
    I invite you to listen to this speach. and reaffirm your own inspiration to exact change in your community in the spirit of service to your community.

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