Surface Use Agreement Colorado

The State Land Board owns approximately 1.2 million hectares of mineral material, where the land above is owned by another party (“split” or “severed” estate). Under Colorado law, the owner of a mineral product has the right to access his mineral property, even if the surface is owned by another party. Landowners who wish to ensure that the development of state trust ores does not result in surface occupancy on their land may consider an NSO agreement with the National Land Board. The duration of the NSO agreement and consideration are determined after receipt of the application. The NSO agreements do not prohibit the development of oil and gas with horizontal or directed drills. For more information on whether The Landesamt owns the minerals under your property, see this fact sheet. Contact Ben Teschner at or 303-866-3454 x 3313 for more information on NSO agreements. The NSO`s contract application and transfer forms are available below under “Forms – Instructions.” The State Land Board`s leases require a performance obligation separate from the commitment required by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). Government bonds are required by law to avoid the waste of the state trust and may cover property such as (but not limited) on the surface, rents and royalties. Obligations are required before reaching the surface of the field, operations or disturbances on the ground. A Surface Use Agreement (OAS) is the mechanism by which the State Land Board agrees to authorize the use of hectares of public trust for the development of offshore oil and gas. When a taker plans to use the area of government confidence, but 1) does not have the underlying oil and gas lease-sale, i.e.

2) develop additional hectares of oil and gas leasing outside the oil and gas leasing object, an SA will be required. Check out our Checklist Document, Pay Table Calculator and sample agreement. For questions, please contact mineral specialist Steve Freese at 303-866-3454 x 3343.