Rocket Hub

I love making music, Playing it live, Recording Publishing… everything that goes with it. Working with promoters, building websites all of it.  I also like the idea of bringing people into the process. That is why I was so excited when I heard about this website

It does just that. It allows a creative (that’s me) to bring people into their project. Gives fans friends supporters and families a way to be a part of what they are doing.  To really contribute, not just in a monetary sense but in a real way. feedback is encouraged. start a conversation around a project, share with their friends on social networks.  Unlike many project funding sites this site is a market place real rewards. It’s a 2 way street,  Different levels of support get you different levels of rewards.

A goal based site, you project has a goal and a time limit if the goal is met then the project can go forward. If not all your supporters get their money back. so the motivation to be involved is there you tell your friends and more people fund the project the better your chance is to get your reward and the better chance the project has to become funded. everybody wins.

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