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Ronnie Marler


A singer from early childhood I loved to listen to my dad play guitar and sing. I first joined a band with some guys at work “Dr Hose and the swinging meat band” we played 2 acoustic songs for a company picnic. I was hooked.

I then hooked up with some friends from school and formed a rock band & made money for strings and PA equipment working at a local used music store. The band lasted about 2 years until after sighting artistic differences the guitarist quit.

Moved to Boise in 1982 and joined “The Heat” Played the Boise scene for a couple years until half the band decided to go to college.

Got responsible in 1984 children and career yada yada yada … Sister-in-Law introduced me to My good friend Bob Lardinais… and I joined Jack Crowne and the Coronas. We have been playing music together for 6 years now and we’re as strong as ever.

In 2005 I found a community of recording artists on-line at My Virtual Band.com and rev’ed up my song writing and recording skills. Wanting to share my music with as many people possible I created The Virtual Song Cast This is where I talk about my songwriting and recording experiences. It has turned into a great hobby and creative outlet for me. “The Undead Monkey” project,  I worked with some of my on-line friends to created a project titled “Life and death”. After hearing about the music scene in Second Life from a Podcast  I logged in to see what  the fuss was all about and found a vibrant music scene in Second Life When Second life started to drain my first one I realized In addition to rocking out with the Coronas, I needed a live outlet for my mellower stuff. I started the Acousticats and started playing out in coffee shops and wine bars to play venues where it didn’t make sense to have a full band.

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  1. Echosonic here from the old myvirtualband.com

    I have colaborated and played on some of Ronnie’s songs. This guy is one hell of a musician and he could really belt those vocals with the great voice that he has. Loved your advare over at myvirtualband.com I read you bio here and mine is somewhat simliar with a twist. Have not seen you signed up in the forum of the new site replcaing myvirtualband.com

    Hope you are fine



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