Copper-Phone 2.0 AKA the Pipe Bomb

Version 2 has a better connector design, The electronics are better tuned for modern preamps. and it sounds great, I still need to take some time and do some recording so that I can upload some clips.

SO tell me, what do you like better. “Copper-Phone” or “The Pipe Bomb” ?

Find it on craigslist HERE

I crack myself up

Looking through my site access logs I found some interesting Bandwidth leaks. (other sites publishing images from my site by linking to my server directly) Big Mistake.

There are a few ways to handle this.

  • Contact the webmaster and ask them to host their own image
  • Delete the image from my server
  • Change site settins to disallow external linking
  • Replace the image on my server with something else

I chose the latter. I have replaced my 401K  and my Gin_Tonic images with the one on the right. effectivly infiltrating a number of blogs and financial sites.

Steampunk Telephone Microphone

Update. Here is the telephone mic. I had to replace the transformer and I mounted everything on a pc board all internal to the head. Sounds better than before and it’s more solid construction. It has a high gain and looks all Steam punk. Runs on phantom power .

Perfect for thet “Telephone” Sound or for that bluzy grunge harmonica sound.

I have a bunch more of these Carbon Elements and a few more transformers. I think I’ll build them up and sell them on Craigslist.

Lord of the Flies

I put this image in a post on my Acousticats blog to give a visual for a gig we played last summer where there were a lot of flies.  This image alone brings 150 hits a month that blog.  So here it is on this blog . (Can you say link bait?)

Carbon Telephone Mic experiment

I found this schematic on the Internets

Of course after visiting my neighborhood Radio shack They had none of the parts so I bought stuff that was close. I ended up with 3 resistors adding up to 21.6K a 1uf cap and the transformer is a audio output transformer (obviously the wrong one). I am still going to create another with the proper components when I get them but for now check out the link below for a sample of what this one sounds like.


Guerilla show

Been thinking about what to do this summer that would be interesting and fun. and stumbled across the idea of guerrilla concerts.

Basically you go somewhere were you know there will be a crowd, Ticket line at a popular venue just before a major show. Parking lot where a fun run is being staged.. A political rally…you get the idea… Just show up and play.

Could get a fine could go viral…

Songs of Idaho

The mission of the Idaho Wildlife Federation is to promote the conservation and protection of our natural resources, wildlife, and wildlife habitat for current and future generations.

To these ends I have donated one of the songs from my Tangled in strings CD for use in the I.W.F. Idaho Matters Project Songs of Idaho

The project will include music from a variety of Idaho musicians.

Keep an eye here for updates and release information