Constant Pain

painI tripped and fell in my studio 7 weeks ago.  Since then the only time I have not been in pain is when  I sleep between being woken up from shoulder pain when I roll over in my sleep.  Most of the time My pain level is about a 2 or 3 (0 being pain free and 10 being how I felt when I fell) but it’s not so much the level of pain as it is it’s unrelenting nature. It’s enough to distract me 24 hours a day. it’s always there. And it’s not just the shoulder, my tendinitis is flaring big time, the stress is giving me headaches.  Also I think either the pain or the Advil is diminishing the effectiveness of my anti depressants. Either way I am constantly fatigued and I need a break.  From the stress, the pain and the depression.

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  1. Have you seen a doc, yet? You need to. It might just be some serious bruising & tweaked muscles, but it could also be a stress fracture. And you need to be doing something with that tendinitis. Brian let his go so long that it turned into inoperable degenerative tendinosis. He had to quit playing for awhile – almost for good. He ended up having an experimental procedure involving giant needles and blood platelettes. Very painful, very gross. And don’t get me started on the damage the ibuprofen could be doing to your kidneys. GO SEE THE DOCTOR, DAMMIT!

    (I’ll send reiki, too, if you want. You know where to find me.)

  2. Yea I have been to the doctor, He has me on ice packs stretches and Advil. A couple Physical therapists that I know tell me give the shoulder 6 months. I am having a bad morning and I just wanted to vent.

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