Feeling the pinch

There’s a lot going on right now and I am feeling the pinch. Jack Crown is gigging every other weekend for the next couple months. and there’s a bunch of work to do.. We need to learn some Halloween songs for the costume party. and gigs even if the’re just one night seem to consume the whole weekend. I have Cartoon ninja girls Colaboration has stalled It needs a bridge and I am stuck. The Virtual songcast is due for a new episode I’ll need to sit down and record that. but not this weekend cause we have tickets to go to Seattle for the American Idol concert. I’ll just have to do what I can, when I can and if it don’t all get done… the sun will rise anyway…. Just feeling the pinch

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  1. Creative work shouldn’t be put on a “to do” list in the sense that it can’t be forced. Words and music come when they come sometimes. The best you can do is just try to make some space for recreational music. Noodle around on the guitar and dream. Music is separate from all the busy-ness of life; it’s the sustainng thing you carry around inside you; it’s what you do when you step sideways out of the flow of the rat race. It’s not part of the “pinch”: it’s what you do when everything else pinches. 🙂

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